About Me

Richard Stockton is the President and CEO of Braemar Hotels and Resorts and an expert in the field of luxury real estate. His schooling and career have taken him around the globe to accomplish the lofty goals he set for himself in real estate and beyond.

Real Estate and Hospitality

Stockton began his real estate career after graduating from Cornell University. One of his first roles, and one that kicked off his entire real estate career, was at Morgan Stanley. For more than 15 years, he worked at Morgan Stanley, playing numerous roles from real estate investment banking to international leadership roles in Singapore, London, and New York.

Following 15 years and six months at Morgan Stanley, Stockton took his first role as President and CEO at OUE Limited. OUE Limited is a real estate developer, owner, and operator based in the U.S., Asia, and beyond.

From there, he served multiple roles leading up to his current position as Chief Executive Officer and President of Braemar Hotels and Resorts. These roles include the following:

Member of the advisory board for Rhubarb Studios in Los Angeles

Global Chief Operating Officer for CarVal Investors

Member of the advisory board for Beverly Hills Wealth Management

Member of the board of directors for WatchFacts

Lead Independent Director for Spirit Master Trust

Trustee for SMTA Liquidating Trust

Member of the Advisory Board for Sanguine, Inc.

Stockton's passion for hospitality and luxury real estate led him to become the CEO of Braemar, an iconic company that owns and operates 13 luxury properties across the U.S.

Richard Stockton and Braemar Hotels and Resorts

Stockton is honored to fulfill his role as Braemar Hotels and Resorts President and CEO. The company is a leader in full-service, luxury accommodation options, including the Ritz-Carlton Lake Tahoe, the Ritz-Carlton St. Thomas, Bardessono Hotel and Spa, and the Park Hyatt Beaver Creek.

Since 2016, Richard Stockton has worked to expand the company's portfolio, improve revenue growth, and deliver strong equity returns and dividends for all shareholders.

A Career Long in the Making

Stockton's interest in the hospitality industry began in high school. One of his first jobs was as a dishwasher in a restaurant. His time in the kitchen eventually led to a passion for cooking. He also liked having a few extra dollars in his pockets at the end of each shift.

Stockton's interest in cooking led him to apply for and attend the Cornell Hotel School. However, his schooling led him in a different direction.

The aspiring cook became interested in real estate development and finance through his studies. He acquired early experience in management but quickly switched to analytics. Career experiences at Morgan Stanley and PwC helped him develop real estate business skills.

Richard Stockton pursued an MBA to dive deeper into finance and real estate with the hopes of finding a successful career in one or both of the areas. His quality education, dedication, and decades of work experience led him to become the perfect candidate for a role at Braemar Hotels. He pursues some of his initial passions by working solely with luxury hotels.


Stockton credits his education and works experiences for helping him reach his current standing as CEO and President of a major hotel company.

His education includes undergraduate and graduate studies at two highly esteemed universities, including:

Cornell University: He attended from 1988 to 1992 and received a Bachelor of Science in Hotel Administration with concentrations in Real Estate and Finance.

The Wharton School: Stockton attended The Wharton School from 1995 to 1997. He received a Master of Business Administration (MBA) with dual real estate and finance majors.

Richard Stockton took his studies at Cornell directly into a Hotel Valuation Internship in the summer of 1991. He became a Senior Consultant for Price Waterhouse just after graduating in 1992 but paused his career to study for his MBA in 1995.

More Than a Businessman

Many of Stockton's accomplishments are related to his hospitality, real estate, and finance expertise. However, his interests expand far beyond his career.

Stockton is a philanthropist who has volunteered much of his free time and energy throughout the last decade. His volunteer experiences span from helping young people at the YMCA of Metropolitan Los Angeles to serving on the Board of Governors for Downtown Dallas, Inc.

The following are some of Stockton's most notable volunteer efforts:

Serving as a Member of the Board of Managers for YMCA Ketchum-Downtown Los Angeles

Serving as a Board Member for the Downtown Center Business Improvement District (DCBID), an organization dedicated to improving the quality of life in downtown Los Angeles

Board Member of the Men's Guild for the Children's Hospital of Los Angeles committed to fundraising and charitable activities for the hospital.

Member of the Board of Governors for Downtown Dallas, Inc., advocating for creating a sustainable and thriving downtown environment in the city of Dallas

Richard Stockton has proven that he is as invested in improving his local community as much as the properties owned by Braemar. Quality of living is essential to real estate, whether through volunteer efforts in downtown Los Angeles or luxury resort life in the Caribbean.

Additional Interests

On top of it all, Stockton is a family man who enjoys skiing in the mountains of Lake Tahoe with his daughters. He enjoys taking advantage of every opportunity his education and career offer himself and his loved ones, including traveling the world and making lifelong memories.


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