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President & CEO of Braemar Hotels & Resorts, Inc

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Richard Stockton is the President and CEO of Braemar Hotels and Resorts. He has more than 25 years of experience in the luxury real estate market, and his schooling and career have taken him around the globe. He is an expert in the field, and his accomplishments include developing landmark properties, such as The Ritz-Carlton in Aspen and The Ritz-Carlton in Bachelor Gulch.

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Five Hotel CEOs on the Future of Travel and Managing Guests - richard-stockton-braemar-an-expert-in-the-field-of-luxury-real-estate
February 10, 2023

Five Hotel CEOs on the Future of Travel and Managing Guests

The future of travel and managing guests is a complex mix of digital transformation, data-driven decision-making, and customer service. Five top hotel CEOs discussed their outlook at a recent conference. While many executives face challenges like a labor shortage, the ongoing pandemic, and possible recession, these five are optimistic. They believe the hospitality industry will […]

Hospitality Industry
January 2, 2023

Qualities and Firm The Hospitality Industry’s Performance

Attributes and firm performance in the hospitality industry can be divided into service excellence and productivity. In the former, hotel management evaluates a hotel’s performance in terms of traditional criteria, such as guest satisfaction. Meanwhile, the latter is more concerned with innovation, such as new products and services offered to customers. Service Excellence One of […]

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